Care Partner Skill Cards


Teepa and the Positive Approach to Care team worked hard to evolve one of our most popular tools into something even more useful.  An ideal in the moment resource to assist you in implementing Positive Approach to Care techniques and discerning GEMS states when caring for people living with dementia, this card set now features:

  • Eight double-sided full color 3” x 4.5” cards
  • A wider range of topics and concise practical tips
  • Easy to read, bullet point content
  • Larger text, with more graphics
  • Glossy laminate cards- both sturdy and lightweight
  • Choice of the clip-on holder or neck lanyard with the breakaway feature, both with retractable 32″ cord

Card topics include:  Positive Support Ideas, Positive Connection Tips, Positive Action Starters, Positive Physical Approach™, Hand-under-Hand® technique, Visual Verbal Touch Cues, Physical and Emotional Unmet Needs, Supportive Environment Factors, Teepa’s GEMS®- Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald, Amber, Ruby, and Pearl

This always-available info-packed tool is perfect for those moments when you need just a little helpful reminder to recall the knowledge you already have.  It’s almost like having Teepa always by your side!

Want to learn more about this product before you purchase, click here to watch a free webinar with Teepa on YouTube that reviews ways to use this tool.




Card topics include:

  • Positive Support Ideas
  • Positive Connection Tips
  • Positive Action Starters
  • Positive Physical Approach™
  • Hand-under-Hand® technique
  • Visual Verbal Touch Cues
  • Physical and Emotional Unmet Needs
  • Supportive Environment Factors
  • Teepa’s GEMS®- Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald, Amber, Ruby, and Pearl

An invaluable resource for NAs, RAs, STNAs and other hands-on care staff. 

We also recommend Care Partner Skill Cards for:

  • Executive Directors- Share with team members as you discuss supportive techniques, changes in ability, location of care options.
  • Directors of Nursing and Unit Managers- Provide multiple sets as a nursing station/staff quick reference guide.
  • Social Services – Discuss GEMS states, status changes, or possible causes of distress with families.
  • Preceptors- Confirm GEMS states and supports to limit distress and optimize interactions.
  • PAC Coaches- A handy resource for skill review with learners during coaching cycles.
  • PAC Consultants- Use with clients as a quick guide to PAC strategies of care.
  • PAC Trainers- A succinct tool to reinforce information for learners in the moment.
  • PAC Engagement Leaders – Quick cues for group leadership or offering an activity.


Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4.5 × 0.75 in
Holder Type

Square Badge Reel with Spring Clip, Round Badge Reel on Breakaway Lanyard, 6-pack Skill Card Combo