Communicating Through Distress – Part One (Recorded Webinar)


This recorded webinar is designed to build responsive, rather than reactionary, skills when confronted with someone who is in distress and not necessarily aware of the real situation, time frame, or location.  Individuals living with dementia who are in distress will often voice concerns  such as asking to see or talk to people that have already died, asking to go home, feeling that there is something they are needing to do or someplace they are supposed to be, or feeling that they need to seek justice for a perceived wrong.  Explore responses to these common distress reactions, including how and why to reflect and whether it is acceptable to lie.  Then, learn as real-life issues provided by attendees are addressed.

By the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Understand reasons why individuals living with dementia may make repeated and/or impossible requests
  • Describe response strategies for distress reactions
  • Recognize how these strategies can be applied to real-life situations

Duration of Webinar 117:44

Communicating Through Distress - Part Two (Recorded Webinar)

Helping When the Person is very Limited in Speech Production and Comprehension Abilities
This session is designed to build responsive skills when confronted with someone who is distressed and is not necessarily aware of the reality of a situation, time frame, or location.  We explore responses to some of the most common issues including when a person is wanting to see someone who is unavailable, is trying to leave a location, or is doing something that is risky or dangerous. We also address other real life issues that are provided by attendees.
Duration of Webinar 86:05

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