Creative Solutions to Challenging Situations (Streaming)


A must-have resource for care partners, this streaming video will provide a supportive structure that allows you to reflect on challenging situations and how your beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors may be affecting the relationship. 

Whether you are a support group leader, a family member, a care partner, or a staff member, this content will enable you to put the puzzle pieces together for a more Positive Approach.

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Recommended for:

  • PAC Certified Consultants
  • Family members of someone who is living with dementia
  • Support group members or leaders
  • Facilities looking for a welcome gift for new families

See the Description tab for chapter information  (Video Duration: 63 minutes)

Creative Solutions to Challenging Situations

Duration: 1 hour (63 minutes)

  • Introduction  (2:38)
  • Chapter 1: Letting Go (5:53)
  • Chapter 2: Personality Traits (20:51)
  • Chapter 3: Circadian Rhythm (9:22)
  • Chapter 4: Multiple Intelligences (4:31)
  • Chapter 5: Unmet Needs (7:23)
  • Chapter 6: Six Pieces of the Puzzle (12:24)


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