Dementia Caregiver Guide


The Dementia Caregiver Guide includes:

  • An explanation of each of the GEMS® States
  • A description of the types of support needed as the condition progresses
  • A demonstration of Positive Approach to Care techniques such as PPA™ and Hand-under-Hand®
  • A combination of visually appealing pictures and helpful text explanations

The Dementia Caregiver Guide reinforces the impact of Teepa Snow’s guidance and person-centered care interventions. In this simple, easy-to-read, 100-page guidebook, this collaborative effort with Cedar Village community shares beautiful photographic images of residents benefiting from the training and implementation of Positive Approach® to Care techniques. Designed for family members, friends, and caregivers of those living with brain change, the purpose of this book is to help everyone understand the changes that occur with these conditions and assist them in providing better support and care practices. By appreciating what has changed but utilizing what is still possible, individuals living with healthy brains can choose interactions that are more positive, communication that is more productive, and care that is more effective and less challenging for all involved.

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Dementia Caregiver Guide

Table of Contents:

  • How to Use the Guidebook
  • Key Points to Remember When Using Gems
  • GEMS® Characteristics
  • Sapphire–Normal Aging, Not Dementia
  • Diamond–First Signs of Change or Signals of a Stressed Brain
  • Emerald–Moderate Symptoms of Cognitive Changes
  • Hand-Under-Hand® Technique
  • How to Greet and Connect
  • Comforting and Connecting
  • The Positive Physical Approach™ with Dementia (PPA™)
  • Approaching When the Person is Distressed
  • Basic Cues When Working with Dementia
  • Amber–Middle Stage Changes
  • Ruby–Late Stage Changes
  • Pearl–Late Changes, End of the Journey
  • GEMS® Support Needed
  • Conclusion
  • Teepa’s Background

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