End of Life Care and Letting Go (Streaming)


Learn to recognize a person’s progression into the final stages of dementia and provide the best care with Teepa Snow’s hands-on, disease-level appropriate techniques. In this two-hour training program, Teepa explains how to connect with someone living with late-stage dementia, how to recognize and manage pain, and how to help the care team grieve the loss and celebrate the person’s life.


  • about indicators that the disease has progressed into its final stages and how to provide the most effective comfort care
  • how to communicate by using visual, auditory, and physical signals of connection when a person’s brain can no longer process words
  • about physical changes and the importance of primitive reflexes
  • techniques for a consistent Positive Physical Approach™
  • about different care approaches, from health promotion to compensatory care
  • about advanced directives, living wills, do not resuscitate orders (DNRs), palliative care, and hospice care
  • about giving the person living with dementia permission to pass without giving up on them (Letting Go vs. Giving Up)

Video Features:

  • Over two hours of information, tips, and techniques

Prefer a DVD?


Chapter 1: Introduction
Length: 1 minutes

Chapter 2: Learning how to let go
Length: 7 minutes

Chapter 3: Terms to know
Length: 7 minutes

Chapter 4: Why is dementia different in the end
Length: 4 minutes

Chapter 5: Different Care Approaches
Length: 25 minutes

Chapter 6: Acute Illness
Length: 1 minutes

Chapter 7: Progression of Dementia
Length: 23 minutes

Chapter 8: Symptoms of Pain
Length: 13 minutes

Chapter 9: Motor Strip
Length: 13 minutes

Chapter 10: Example Aspiration and Drinking
Length: 4 minutes

Chapter 11: Feeding and letting go
Length: 7 minutes

Chapter 12: Example Pearl
Length: 5 minutes

Chapter 13: End Stage Lewy Body
Length: 2 minutes