Enhancing Engagement Without Breaking the Bank (Recorded Webinars)


This recording is from Session Seven of the Care Partner Connections series of live webinars.  Click here to learn more or register for the complete series which includes access to videos of past sessions as well as access to the upcoming live events and associated recordings.  Scroll down to view summary of the session content.

How Can We Fill the Day? We Have Almost No Budget for Supplies: What Are Some Low Cost – High Value Options that Could Appeal to Many GEMS® States?             

In dementia, the most valuable resource we have is a team member’s attention, skill, and time. Making sure we have additional resource options available in the moment when some interaction is possible is critical! This session focuses on providing some simple, replaceable, reusable or recyclable, and meaningful engagement kits for various GEMS States. The goal is to train team members in set-up, use, break-down, and storage of the materials, so engagement opportunities happen as needed, not just as scheduled.