Exploring Sexuality, Intimacy, and Dementia (Recorded Webinars)


This recording is from Session Two of the Care Partner Concerns series of live webinars.  Click here to learn more or register for the complete series which includes access to videos of past sessions as well as access to the upcoming live events and associated recordings.  Scroll down to read a summary of the session content.

Let’s Talk about Sexuality and Intimacy Issues: What Makes Us Squirm, What Makes Us Firm, and What Turns Us Off… Or Our Emotional Reactions On?”

This session will encourage each of us to explore our definitions of sexuality and intimacy. We will also explore and challenge our opinions and beliefs regarding the rights and responsibilities a PLwD has throughout the progression of their condition related to acts of intimacy and sexuality. We will review several situations and discuss concerns, options, and perspectives to reach a possible consensus.