GEMS: Creating Pleasure with Emeralds (Recorded Webinar)


This is the seventh of twelve recorded webinars in the Getting Connected: Building Skill to Support GEMS webinar series with Teepa Snow.  This series focuses on enhancing interaction skills and appreciating the many changes that the person living with dementia is likely to be experiencing.  In this session, find ways to use the past abilities and interests of an individual in an Emerald state, even as their skill and focus are changing.  Learn how to simplify without babying, and how to use real pieces of life in shorter bits as a critical piece for success.

By the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Recognize characteristics of the Emerald GEMS state
  • Discuss factors that create pleasure or joy for those in an Emerald state
  • Describe the process of simplifying for creating moments of success

Duration of Webinar 83:25

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