Help Beyond Headphones: Using Music and Rhythm to Promote Purpose (Recorded Webinars)


This recording is from Session Six of the Care Partner Connections series of live webinars.  Click here to learn more or register for the complete series which includes access to videos of past sessions as well as access to the upcoming live events and associated recordings.  Scroll down to view summary of the session content.

Getting Beyond Headphones: Using Music and Song for Purpose, Joy, Care, and Restoration – The Right Rhythm Can Make a Day Complete

Using music and rhythm for building relationships, aiding in transitions, initiating or completing tasks, and to provide rest and restoration is the focus of this session. Each team member has the potential to use music, or at least rhythm, to enhance their skill set and better help. In this session, we challenge ourselves to get out of our comfort zone to provide others with what is more helpful as dementia changes their abilities.