Medications and Mealtime Concerns and Options for GEMS States (Recorded Webinar)


This recorded webinar explores the dementia care challenges of helping someone take medications and receive appropriate nutrition.  Learn about common issues with medications and mealtimes, from the Diamond through Pearl GEMS states.  Explore important aspects to consider, such as information that the person has previously communicated about their preferences and the current state of the person’s health and dementia.  Recognize the importance of maintaining the big picture of the purpose and goal of the food, hydration, and medications.
By the end of this webinar, you will be able to:
  • List common challenges involving medications and nutrition in dementia care
  • Describe the purpose of knowing the person’s past and current preferences for medications and mealtimes
  • Discuss the significance of maintaining and updating the goals for each individual involving food, hydration, and medications

Time: 112 minutes

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