PAC Digital Gift Card- Give the Gift of Teepa!


Do you know someone that would appreciate some Positive Approach to Care support?  Purchase a Digital Gift Card, available in any amount, valid on all products and services in our online store.

What is it?

The PAC Digital Gift Card is a digital coupon code that is used like store credit.  You can purchase a card in any amount and have it emailed to yourself  or another recipient.  The card can be used for any product or service in our online store. There is no expiration date for the card.

There is no need to print or mail anything, as PAC Digital Gift Cards are digital only, and the coupon code will emailed directly to you or the recipient.

Who is it for?

Friends or family members who are care partners and people living with dementia.

Purchase a Digital Gift Card to help them attend a family skills session or support series, have a private consultation with Teepa, or select a book or video to help them cope with a challenging situation.

Co-workers and other professionals in the field of dementia care.

Send them a Digital Gift Card to be used for the purchase of additional trainings and resources to grow their PAC skills, or obtain essential products such as our Skill Cards or GEMS State Tool, which will help make their on-the-job interactions less stressful and more effective.

How does it work?
  • Fill in the dollar amount you would like for the Digital Gift Card and select Add to Cart.  You can put multiple cards of varying amounts in your cart.
  • If you are not sure what amount to purchase, please check out the Description tab below for some examples or browse our web store.
  • During the checkout process you will select whether the card(s) will be sent to you or to another recipient.  You will then fill out the recipient’s name, email address and a short message.
  • Please note your recipient will need to have or create a user account at when they use the card.
  • Complete the checkout process and you are done!  The Digital Gift Card will be emailed to the recipient(s) and you will receive an email order confirmation.
  • The card never expires and can be used multiple times until the balance remaining is zero.
What about Canadian users?
  • If you are logged in to a user account that has a Canadian billing address the Digital Gift Card credit you are buying will be in Canadian dollars.
  • If you use the Price-by-Country drop down list to convert web store prices to Canadian dollars the Digital Gift Card credit you are buying will be in Canadian dollars.

PAC gift cards are the gift that truly keeps on giving, by helping to create positive change in the lives of those living with dementia and their care partners!

Giving a gift and not sure what amount to purchase?

Here are some examples of common products and services (in US$):

Streaming Videos– $30

DVDs– $45

Dementia Caregiver Guide– $25

Care Partner Educational Tools– $18.50 to $29.50

Private Virtual Consult with Teepa Snow– Families $150/Professionals $300

Online 5-week Care Partner Support Series– $50

Online 2-hour Champion Course- $49

Certification Courses– $1,900