PAC Skills Make the Difference (Streaming)


In this compelling, practical, and heartfelt 55-minute online video, you will witness Margaret, John, Gordon, Bob, Alice, and Edna experience the benefit of the Positive Approach™ hands on care techniques and strategies. Observe the acknowledgement, respect, and dignity they receive as you watch and learn from world renowned dementia training expert Teepa Snow. Her demonstrated care interactions will confirm the need and value of learning interpersonal skills to improve standards of care for persons living with dementia. See for yourself why PAC Skills Make the Difference!

Duration: 55 minutes

Prefer a DVD?

PAC Skills Make the Difference

  • Chapter 1: Positive Approach techniques (15 min)
  • Chapter 2: Care partnering with changing abilities (25 min)
  • Chapter 3: Skills practice demonstrations (15 min)