Relationships Bundle for Families


WHO is this Relationship Bundle for?

Anyone interested in learning more about how to build relationships with other people.

  • People who have a family member living with dementia
  • People who have a friend living with dementia
  • People who are living with dementia
  • Anyone who is interested or curious about how to provide support or encouragement to people they are connected to

WHY purchase this bundle?

In one place you get some of our most helpful, and supportive tools and resources designed to help you connect with your friends and family members.  Includes resources worth $219 for the value price of only $99!  (This includes a unique promo code to purchase a Champion course for FREE. Send the code to yourself or input a different email when requested during the checkout process).

WHAT is in this bundle?

So many great things! Scroll down to the descriptions tab to see details about all the resources that make up this bundle.

Relationships. Guidebook for Teepa Snow's Positive Approach to All Relationships

Comes with Bonus GEMS Videos!

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Creative Solutions to Challenging Situations DVD/Workbook Combo

Comes with a free How To Use Guide which helps connect the DVD and the Workbook! Download link will be in your order confirmation email.

DVD with Workbook Combo

Creative Solutions to Challenging Situations (Streaming)

Teepa Snow's Encouragement Notebook

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In This Moment Support Cards

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I've Noticed Some Changes - Let's Talk! for Family/Friend Care Partners (Recorded Webinar)

What is in this Relationships Bundle?

Relationships. Guidebook for Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to All Relationships: This Guidebook will help you understand your and others’ GEMS State at any given moment. Use these practical insights and techniques to improve your relationships and add moments of joy to all aspects of your life.

Creative Solutions to Challenging Situations DVD/Workbook: A must-have resource for care partners, this DVD and workbook combination will provide a supportive structure that allows you to reflect on challenging situations and how your beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors may be affecting the relationship. The workbook provides space for personal reflection to help put the pieces of the dementia puzzle together in a more positive way. This Combo includes a free, downloadable How-to-Use Guide that provides two different approaches to connecting the DVD and Workbook so that they may be used to their full potential. Download your free copy here.

Creative Solutions to Challenging Situations Streaming: Whether you are a support group leader, a family member, a care partner, or a staff member, this content will enable you to put the puzzle pieces together for a more Positive Approach. Streaming for your convenience.

Teepa Snow’s Encouragement Notebook: Filled with thoughts, ideas, and messages personally written from Teepa, this isn’t just a plain notebook. Every time you use this notebook, it is like Teepa is sitting next to you providing you in-the-moment encouragement and support.

In-This Moment Support Cards: In This Moment Support Cards were created to meet you right where you are. Begin with the blue Acknowledge cards. Acknowledge how you feel, what you think, and what you are going through. When you are ready, pick up the green Encourage cards. Read those words and let them settle with you. When the time is right to take the next step, the yellow Grow cards will be waiting for you. Each journey begins with a step…but we can’t take a step until first, we get our balance.

I’ve  Noticed Some Changes – Let’s Talk: It is typical that one person may try to help another person see the same thing or acknowledge the change. The greatest challenge faced by most individuals is how to address the topic of brain change in an effective and empathetic manner. In this session, recognize some of the most common errors in this interaction, and learn options that will improve the possibility of better outcomes.

Bonus Resources: This product also includes easy to download and print-at-home bonus resources in pdf format.  Download and print Teepa’s Dementia Cue Card and a sample of our PAC Resource Cards for your own personal use.

Champion Course: Have you hesitated to attend a live course, or wondered what it is like? Here’s your chance to try it out for free. * Any one of these would pair nicely with this bundle and would be beneficial for any family member or paid caregiver.

  • Each course is 2 hours of content and training
  • Champion 1: Positive Physical Approach™ (PPA™): Learn to make interactions more positive for all
  • Champion 2: Hand-under-Hand® (HuH®): Begin to appreciate the use of touch to “close the loop” on communication
  • Champion 3: Adapt your approach for the different GEMS® States
  • Champion 4: GEMS® State Recognition: Notice what skills remain at each step of this journey

* After you complete your purchase, you will receive a separate email with a unique promo code that will allow you to register for any Champion course for FREE.

NOTE: This bundle includes items in multiple formats.  Physical items will ship from our warehouse. Virtual items are accessible for streaming or download from within purchaser’s account.

Creative Solutions to Challenging Situations DVD/Workbook Combo

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DVD with Workbook Combo

Creative Solutions to Challenging Situations (Streaming)



I've Noticed Some Changes - Let's Talk! for Family/Friend Care Partners (Recorded Webinar)