Seeing it From the Other Side: Part 1 (Streaming)


In this first of a multi-part series, watch as Teepa takes you through three responses to dementia and what happens when a care partner shows his or her agenda. She also demonstrates normal aging versus not-normal aging in older adults. Knowing the difference between these two is key in providing the best possible care and planning for the future. You will learn a bit about the changes to expect in the right and left sides of the brain as well as what that might look like related to changes you might see in the person. To truly look at dementia care and perform better, we have to be able to see it from the other side and that is what this set provides.

Duration- 145 minutes

This is a streaming version of the DVD.  Purchase only includes streaming video, not a physical DVD.

Prefer a DVD?

Seeing it From the Other Side: Part 1 – Caregiver Stress & Dementia Coping Strategies

  • Chapter 1: Three Responses to Dementia (29:12)
  • Chapter 2: The Caregiver Agenda (13:45)
  • Chapter 3: Normal Aging (58:34)
  • Chapter 4: What’s Not Normal (15:15)
  • Chapter 5: The Right and Left Brain (30:11)