Seeing it From the Other Side: Part 3 (Streaming)


The third in a multi-part series takes you deeper into the condition of dementia with Teepa Snow. She will help you understand what dementia is and how it relates to failures within the brain. While she does discuss brain failure and what is lost, she also looks at how to use what remains using her GEMS® model to discuss the progression of dementia. In this DVD, you will dig deeper into the GEMS® model to understand the progression of dementia in a more positive way.To truly look at dementia care and perform better, we have to be able to see it from the other side and that is what this DVD set provides.

Duration- 96 minutes

This is a streaming version of the DVD.  Purchase only includes streaming video, not a physical DVD.

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Seeing it From the Other Side: Part 3- Becoming Dementia Knowledgeable

  • Chapter 1: Thrive to Survive (35:12)
  • Chapter 2: Changing Habits (33:02)
  • Chapter 3: Eating with Hand-under-Hand (7:05)
  • Chapter 4: Challenging Behaviors (22:32)