A Heart Full of GEMS


When Abel is concerned about the changes he sees in his grandma, he climbs a tree and meets a wise peacock.  The Peacock helps Abel understand how to stay connected with his grandma, continue their relationship and focus on the love they share.

A Heart Full of GEMS is a story that teaches children to pay attention to and share in the human connection that can be maintained when someone is living with dementia.  The book’s appendix includes a practical dementia progression guide to helping everyone adapt to the changes experienced when someone is living with dementia.  The GEMS® model recognizes the dynamic nature of the human brain and its abilities.  GEMS advocate that everyone living with brain change, when given the opportunity, will shine.

Written by Reverend Linn Possell and world-renowned dementia care expert, Teepa Snow, this educational story is intended to help those of all ages.

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“This book is a dynamic reminder of the impact that dementia has on the whole family.  The story’s sweet depiction of one little boy’s confusion and fright is a tale so many of us, children and adults, can relate to.  The lessons shared about understanding and love are exquisitely expressed for readers of any age.  The charming illustrations remind us that relationships can continue even when someone is living with dementia.” – Lynda Crandall ~ Geriatric Nurse Practitioner and Executive Director of the Pioneer Network

“A Heart Full of Gems features lovely artwork and storytelling inviting children to leave behind their worries and realize dementia is causing a change in grandma or grandpa not them.  Rather than feelings of hurt and sadness, these young readers learn how to recognize the various GEMS to be found in themselves and their loved ones.  This is a simple, easy to understand book that can be shared with any child – removing fear and anxiety and replacing it with confidence and calm.” – Ron Gregory ~ Founder of Alzheimer’s Music Connect

“An inspiring gem of a book and a must have for anyone who cares about someone who is living with dementia.  While told in words and artwork that’s easy to understand, the book is not childish or just for children.  I highly recommend this truly wonderful book.” – Karen Love ~ Founder of CCAL Advancing Person-Centered Living & Co-Leader of the United States Dementia Action Alliance

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