Brain Change Awareness Mini-Poster Set


Our new Positive Approach to Care Brain Change Awareness Mini-Poster Set is designed to generate thinking, conversations, action ideas, and questions.

The eye-catching visuals combined with simple, yet practical information, draw interest and stimulate learning by helping viewers appreciate the many changes that accompany dementia.  These infographic posters are ideal for teaching care partners why and how changes need to be embraced to provide better care.

The set contains 15 mini posters, printed in full color on glossy 8.5” x 11” cardstock.  They are easily displayed with or without a frame, all together, or rotated one-at-a-time or in our recommended pairings.

These infographic posters are a perfect addition to your break room, employee lounge, or for use with internal staff education initiatives. They are ideal for assisted living facilities, nursing homes, memory care units, home care agencies, health care facilities, community centers, educational institutions, and so much more!

Save money with a 5-pack and get 5 sets to display in multiple locations!

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Please see the Description Tab for a list of the individual posters and their content.


The Brain Change Awareness Mini-Poster Set contains 15 infographic posters which are organized in two general categories – Dementia and Brain Change and Care Partner Relationship.  We suggest displaying the posters in the order below, all at once, rotated in pairs, or one at a time.  For some display options please see the links below.

Dementia and Brain Change

What is Dementia?

This poster details the basic premises of what dementia is and is not, and emphasizes the fact that dementia is brain failure.

What’s Under the Umbrella?

In this visually appealing poster, an image showing the umbrella of dementia is displayed with some of the most common forms of dementia as raindrops.

What Dementia Are You Seeing?

This poster is a continuation of the previous poster, and provides details of the four most common forms of dementia, as well as the Four Truths of All Dementias.

What Happens Where? Understanding Your Brain

This colorful poster contains a colorful image of the different areas of the brain, and the functional role each plays.

5 Ways the Brain Takes in Information

This poster explains the five ways that brains receive information and the areas they are processed in the brain.

How Do Delirium, Depression, Anxiety, and Depression Relate?

In this vivid poster, the essential details of these conditions are described.

What Should We Do for Each Condition?

This poster is a continuation of the previous poster, and explains the consideration of care of each condition.

Care Partner Relationship

 Why Make a Positive Personal Connection (PPC)?

This poster explores the importance and principles of Positive Personal Connections.

What Are My Positive Action Starters (PAS)?

This poster pairs well with the previous poster, featuring the significance and essential steps of Positive Action Starters.

Steps to Build a Better Dementia Care Culture

This poster uses a real-life example of a behavior to address the steps of knowledge, from Unaware through Competent.

How Can We Change Dementia Care?

This poster pairs well with the previous poster by detailing the steps of building dementia care knowledge.

Extreme Emotion Can Hide Unmet Needs

This brightly-colored poster details different human emotional states.

What Do We All Need to Survive?

Colorful icons and simple explanations are used to present the concept of unmet needs in this poster.

When It Isn’t Working, What Can You Do?

The five ways to apologize are described in this vibrant poster.

Change is Challenging

This poster explores small steps of change and ideas for how to make the change successfully.

Display Options

Use a changeable frame- store all posters in the frame, and rotate them out weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Use acrylic mounts-  put on doors/walls in areas where staff or families frequent.  Get multiple poster sets and have them in various locations!

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × .25 cm

Single Unit, 5-pack