Seeing it From the Other Side: Part 4 (Streaming)


The newest segment of Teepa Snow’s essential Seeing it From the Other Side series is now ready for prime time!!!

Part 4 in this essential series- Managing the Challenges of Early State Dementia, focuses on noticing and screening for early changes in ability. It also highlights techniques and strategies to provide support and establish helpful relationships during the early phase, the Diamond GEMS state of mind, when brain function is still clear and sharp, with decreasing flexibility for changes.


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This Video will help answer the following questions:

  • Which screening tools are the most effective for providing helpful information about the possibility of the early signs of brain changes, and which tools are not?
  • How can you supportively help guide a person who absolutely does not want to be screened toward the possibility of agreeing to participate in a screening?
  • How can you more effectively help de-escalate a distressed person?
  • What helps care teams when abilities are just beginning to change?
  • What changes in a person’s abilities can cause the care partner to become distressed?

Part 4 features over two hours of information, tips, and techniques on the above topics.

Duration: 136 minutes

This is a streaming version of the DVD.  Purchase only includes streaming video, not a physical DVD.Prefer a DVD?

Teepa Snow, separates myth from reality in the eye-opening multi-part video collection Seeing it From the Other Side. Her insightful teachings help professionals and care partners further understand the needs and experiences of those living with the effects of dementia. These instructional Positive Approach to Care videos are divided into topical chapters providing an excellent resource for facilitating group education or in-service classes. Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia this 3-day course builds on itself and, without fail, will improve your personal experience or organizational approach to person-centered dementia care.

Seeing it From the Other Side: Part 4 – Managing the Challenges of Early State Dementia

Chapters Include:

1- Assessing Cognitive Change

2- Navigating Testing and Screening

3- Working with Diamonds

4- Using Cues with Diamonds

5- Five Ways To Say, “I Am Sorry.”